Vedic Skincare |

Personal Care, with nature

Our natural personal care experts formulate products to achieve just one result
– revitalized skin and hair

Satisfaction & Quality

With an FDA registration
and compliance with cGMP,
we guarantee
100% satisfaction on the quality of our products

What we do

Vedic Cosmeceuticals brings to you more than 10 years
of industry know-how. Scientific research, quality and innovation being the core of what we do


Vedic Cosmeceuticals is one of India’s upcoming all-natural personal care private label manufacturer. We integrate our expertise in the field with the development and manufacturing of high quality, effective natural formulations with innovative and dedicated precision. We truly believe that safe and natural products simulate and accelerate the skin’s natural healing processes.

To partner success stories, we design our business so that it fits in directly with your consumer market, ethos and growth potential. We take care of your products with our authentic sourcing so you can take care of what matters the most – your business.

Scientific research, quality and innovation are at the core of what we do. Our experience enables us to present a clear and realistic sense of the process, timelines and costs involved. As a vertically integrated company, we are equipped to assist in all facets of your product’s formulation, manufacturing, testing and packaging. With an FDA registration and compliance with cGMP, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on the quality of our products.

Code of Conduct

At Vedic Cosmeceuticals, we always strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct, which is consistent with our company values and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

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Our mission is to assist our partners by offering high quality natural and organic personal care products to enhance their operation by leveraging their most important asset – their brand.

Offer quality and comprehensive beauty solutions to our customers.

Build long-term partnership with our suppliers.

Adhere to the principles of good corporate citizenship.

Our core philosophy is structured around the fundamental notion that all active ingredients contribute towards the efficacy and quality of our products, by enhancing and influencing the natural rejuvenation processes that the skin would normally undergo. This approach ensures that all of our formulations are extremely effective. We aim to provide healthy and truly natural skin care products supported by unending technological innovation to assist users in achieving their healthiest, holistic self, leading to rewarding business opportunities.