Private Label Manufacturing | Vedic Skincare

Private Label Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility


  • With a licensed manufacturing plant at Noida, UP spread over 12500 sq ft. we have a capacity of 350 MT annually expandable to 1000 MT annually.
  • Utilizing customized equipment, backed by an industrious workforce, our manufacturing capabilities are incredibly fast and accurate giving our Private Label service the perfect avenue to optimize clients Time to Market (TTM) value.
  • We are equipped to cater to both high and low volume runs.
  • All our formulations are subject to the necessary tests according to the current regulations where container-content compatibility is checked as well.
  • Our filling capabilities are designed for flexibility and fast turnaround. We have the expertise & technology to support a broad range of product types, package designs and run sizes. Our well-established standards, protocols and validated processes ensure consistent high quality.
  • The filling section is also adequately equipped with both semi-automatic and high-speed automatic tube filling and sealing machines to handle both laminated and seamless tubes.
  • An important part of packaging for consumers is the product labeling. Consumers trust your brands to be safe and of high quality, and we aim to maintain that trust through accurate labeling in compliance with regulatory guidelines. To ensure that consumers know what ingredients are used in products, as well as how to safely use and dispose of them, we provide information for 100 percent of the beauty products on the packages.
  • Net result – Superior quality consistently at reasonable prices with excellent lead times.

Our factory provides the highest quality OEM manufacturing services available, complete with bulk manufacturing, filling, packing and shipping, and storage functionality. Clients are always welcome to visit our facility and experience first-hand the commitment and excellence of our operations.

Our Quality Controls & Checks

Our quality control process involves methodical and continuous testing during the formulation and development stage.

Laboratory & Testing:
  • Our full time chemists operate a modern, in-house laboratory, allowing us to conduct the majority of our Research and Development on site.
  • Information sharing on Raw Material Technical Data, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and Clinical Data is provided through our vendors and our close relationship with their laboratories. We also utilize online references, academic references and clinical sources for research contribution.
  • All products are scrutinized for the highest quality using state of the art equipment. Specific Gravity (sg) tests, pH balance tests, Viscosity tests, Appearance (aesthetics) tests, Odor tests, Microbial tests, Stability tests and Selective Heavy Metal tests are all standard tests, which we conduct regularly.