Aromatherapy | Vedic Skincare


We specialize in Fragrance Oils that are not only “true and accurate to nature” in their scents, but relaxing and soothing in application.

The integrity of an essential oil is determined by the botanical from which it was derived, proper harvest, and gentle extraction methods to bring the finished products to life. At Vedic Cosmeceuticals, we utilize exceptional raw materials from growers who share our passion for quality from start-to-finish. This constant attention to detail ultimately allows us to bring you essential oils that are pure and unsurpassed in quality and purity.

  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Jasmine Oil
  • Geranium Oil
  • Lime Oil
  • Lily Oil
  • Basil Oil
  • Cedarwood Oil
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Cypress Oil
  • Vetiver Oil
  • Grapefruit Oil
  • Patchouli Oil
  • Orange Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Neroli Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Relaxing Oil
  • Energising Oil
  • Destressing Oil
  • Rejuvenating Oil
  • Revitalising Oil